News from a Personal Web

* New in the Jukebox

Last updated: 8 May 2013 ... to note that recent changes at Squidoo have forced a dramatic revision of this experiment, as I would have had to bring several hundred lenses up to scratch within 1 week or risk [...]

Squidoo Tip: How to Delete a Giant Template

One of the perks of reaching Giant status on Squidoo is the ability to create custom templates. Most of us go through some trial and error with this, however, and end up with a few messy templates we don't use. To [...]

* The Jukebox Experiment

[Latest update: 28 February 2013; see also *New in the Jukebox] Wherein I lucked into the gift of an entire Squidoo account, containing a couple hundred lenses. Four of those lenses are active; that is, "featur [...]

Goodwill and the Forums

Perhaps it is a symptom of ever-growing competition online, or a ramped-up version of the typical holiday stress and anxiety, but whatever is making people so "tetchy" and short-tempered, so quick to take off [...]

Responding to Responsive

Suddenly - very suddenly - Squidoo launched a new responsive layout for the whole site. Mass panic. Some glitches turned up in the way the site was operating, as is to be expected from a massive upgrade like this, but [...]

Goals for December 2012

My goals for December 2012 are all about systems, organization, efficiency, and building a foundation that will let me go into the coming year of online writing with a clear overview and a solid plan of action.  [...]

Mammoth Squid and Purple Star

This is turning out to be a rather good day.  My lens entitled Most Awesome Cool Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Men has just received Squidoo's Purple Star award (yay!), but that's a mere adjunct [...]

Updating Tags, Dog Biscuits Edition

Looking at my web tracking stats just now, I realized I had put the wrong tags on a Squidoo lens I wrote almost a year ago, called International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.  (That's on February 23, if y [...]

Zen of Greyhounds

The other day I received quite a wonderful comment on my Retired Racing Greyhounds lens at Squidoo: Flashkid said: There is something zen-like about the combination of strength and gentleness. Before reading this l [...]