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Last updated: 8 May 2013 ... to note that recent changes at Squidoo have forced a dramatic revision of this experiment, as I would have had to bring several hundred lenses up to scratch within 1 week or risk losing the whole account.

Discretion being the better part of ambition, I opted to improve those lenses I could and delete the rest. I also, as noted in the last update at the bottom of this page, moved in a few lenses from my main account. The Jukebox selection is now much smaller and less cohesive, but at least it still exists.

Here's what came before this point, notes in chronological order from top to end

15 January 2013

As if there weren't enough lenses in this Jukebox Experiment account, I've started in on the necessary business of building more to fill out the cluster.  

For example, there are 5 existing lyrics lenses for songs by 30 Seconds to Mars, so I've just made a band lens to link out (thank you, Squidtools Featured Lens tool) to those 5 others. Only one of those 30 Seconds lyrics lenses is in the green, and all of them need a good deal of work to bring them up to scratch... I'm hoping they don't actually get much in the way of Squidoo members looking at them with a critical eye, until I figure out how to update (what content to add, and how best to add it).  

There is a pile of writing ahead... should be good for my typing speed.

Edited to add:  Ambitious this evening, I've just done a major update to the (gift) Banyan band lens. It's hard to describe Banyan, especially to anyone who's not a Stephen Perkins fan, but I found a really good selection of videos to add, as well as updating the text to avoid duplication and add more details. Posted the update in the appropriate thread on the HQ forum.  Ditto, a less extensive update to the RED band lens.

Updated: 16 January 2013

Just updated the orphan band lens for Slaughter - mostly. There's still a short Wikipedia-sourced section to rewrite, and I want to replace the intro image, but hopefully it will pass muster for  now. Posted in the HQ forum (Updated thread) Show & Tell section. Also, late in the day, received another (gift) lyrics lens, Keith Urban: You're My Better Half Lyrics (LR 793,114), which brings the Keith Urban collection to 5 lyrics lenses, 2 of which songs also have guitar tabs lenses. I shall put making a new Keith Urban band/musician lens onto my To Do list, to serve as a hub for this cluster. But making a new lens shall have to wait until more of the old ones are fixed.

Updated: 17 January 2013

Starting to get comments (not negative) on How To Make A Lyrics Lens - two comments on it today alone. This means I need to prioritize getting that lens fixed up, as it just won't do to be leading newbies astray with advice that, while fine in former days, nowadays is apt to get their lenses caught in the duplicate content filter.  In the meantime, I've added a note to the Jukebox profile bio, indicating that Jukebox is "in rehab" and some info may be missing or outdated. Strictly a CYA move, of coruse, but it'll have to do for the short term.

Updated: 23 January 2013

Back at it, I've just rewritten and republished the Silverchair band lens. Squidoo has yet to do its lensrank update (Silverchair sits at LR 620,768 at the moment - only a bit better than the current account average, LR 664,706) so we'll see what happens there. It didn't get flagged for duplicate content on republishing, and I'm fairly optimistic that it should pass muster at the update, too. It is very difficult to find all-fresh phrases for writing about music and musicians!

Later... Heh.  Lensrank has now updated and the Silverchair LR actually dropped, despite a couple of visits (posted on forum and added link to profile sidebar after publishing). It's at 621,591 right now, with LR average up to 668,770.

Updated: 24 January 2013

Just realized I've done nothing about the "Related Lenses"/Discovery Tool for the revamped band lenses. I've got just barely enough done now that I can fill these in. Not perfect, but tweaking can follow later as more appropriate choices are ready for prime time.

Updated: 25 January 2013

Widgets!!  I've discovered that the sidebar widgets for Featured Lenses - unlike the Related Lenses in the (intro) Discovery Tool - will accept lenses that are in WIP status.  This is very helpful indeed.  Adding a few lyrics lenses to the revamped band lenses, plus Silverchair band lens (which was still WIP, despite revamp), has boosted the weekly visits and brought  Silverchair up to "green" status.

Later... Limp Bizkit is updated. In the absence of other truly related lenses for the sidebar widgets, I'm trying the Korn lyrics lenses. (Widget for Featured Lenses will show three at a time in rotation.)  Also, completely rewrote Bon Jovi, which started out life entirely in Spanish.

Updated: 26 January 2013

Interesting observation: Lensrank seems to change significantly at the weekend - top lenses are up, but those hovering on the edge of 400,000 slip back down into WIP.   I think this is not so much to do with the weekend itself but the passage of 7 days since visiting, so the "rolling week" shows 0 visits for many lenses. Today's updated lens: Dishwalla.

Updated: 09 February 2013

A break in here for doing some actual (gasp!) work, but back at the lens rehab today, I just hit the publish button on a revamped Breaking Benjamin.  I'll post the link in the HQ forum before moving on to the next task...

Updated: 12 February 2013

Testing a new theory that arose from a question asked in the Squidu forum by a relatively new lensmaster. Does Average Lensrank mean anything?  More to come on this in a separate post... but meanwhile, in reference to Jukebox, I have decided to delete Guitar Tabs Headquarters (ranked #2,437,889 overall) and  Song Lyrics Headquarters (lensrank #2,437,892). Both are leftovers from the old days of "groups" on Squidoo and so are primarily made up of plexo modules and link lists that point to lenses that have long since disappeared. No loss, and we'll see how this plays out in the overall health of the account.  (Note for future reference: Average LR before deletion of those two lenses = 1,093,271. Average LR after deletion = 1,085,171.)

Updated: 14 February 2013

Rehab has started on lyric lenses, beginning with the 30 Seconds to Mars cluster - saving changes in draft until I'm semi-confident they will pass muster. Meanwhile, I've decided to transfer my few music-related lenses from other accounts to the Jukebox, regardless of genre, to make the most of visibility in the topic category plus whatever SEO benefits that might bring.

Updated: 17 February 2013

I've moved 2 music-related lenses from my main Squidoo account to Jukebox - Missa Gaia Earth Mass and Daryl Davis (updated today with new release date for documentary); also created a new lens (Cowbell) for a "quest" challenge to make a lens on a musical instrument.

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